Nursing Home Assessments

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PhysioNow is now offering nursing home assessments.  

Admission into long term residential care is a significant life decision, and the rights and wishes of the person are paramount in the decision making process.  

Health and social care professionals have a duty of care to ensure that people are provided with sufficient and appropriate information to enable them make an informed decision in relation to entering residential long term care.

Irish law requires that individuals seeking state support towards the cost of their residential care must have a care needs assessment report.

Older people or their families considering such a move should be assessed by medical professionals, who will... 

1:  Determine the applicant’s state of health and personal circumstances.

2:  Ascertain the applicant's wishes with regard to admission to residential care and discuss all options.

3:  Provide recommendations to maximise health.

4:  Determine any remedial factors which might affect admission to long term residential care.

5:  Provide a full Common Summary Assessment Record Report (CSAR).

PhysioNow offers a one-stop shop for nursing homes and individuals, providing...

  • Doctors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists

Our team will visit clients in their homes, countrywide, providing a value for money service, and ensuring at all times the best outcome for the person and advising on the appropriate care environment.

For more information, contact Chief Physiotherapist Colette O'Flynn at 01 4912064 or email info@physionow.ie