PhysioNow welcomes public to Dublin 4 clinic...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on October 25 2011 @ 23:35

Check out our Dublin 4 clinic...

PhysioNow has launched a major advertising campaign to welcome YOU, the public, to our clinic in Dublin 4.

ESB Sportsco - the clinic, the gym, the pool and all pilates classes - is open to the wider public, offering superb facilities, knowledgeable staff and great deals.

Contact us... info@physionow.ie

PhysioNow Dublin 4 clinic

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PhysioNow welcomes St. Jude's BC as "partner club"

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on October 04 2011 @ 22:35

Welcome... to our latest partner club... St Jude's Badminton Club!
St. Jude's, who play out of the St. Judes GAA Club Hall on Wellington Lane,
Templeogue, are a progressive club with a long history of successes in the Dublin & District Leagues and Cups.
They join Fitzwilliam LTC, ESB SportsCo, Irish Life Gym & Danum BC, amongst others, as our "partner" clubs, giving them special discounts and offers.
Why don't you get your club to join us? Email us... info@physionow.ie


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