Posted by Colette O'Flynn on March 04 2013 @ 14:00

PhysioNow is delighted to announce a new partnership with Swiftqueue Ireland - allowing us to offer online booking for physiotherapy and acupuncture treatments in our new Rathgar Village health centre (Christchurch, Rathgar Road).

Coming soon - online booking for pilates classes...

Click on the link below to find out more...

Pn Sq

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OPEN NOW! New PhysioNow Rathgar Village clinic...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on February 06 2013 @ 13:06

PhysioNow is delighted to announce that we have opened a new physiotherapy, acupuncture and pilates clinic right in the heart of Rathgar Village, Dublin 6.

Find us in Christchurch Tennant Hall, at Rathgar crossroads.

For bookings, mail us at... info@physionow.ie

Christ Church Rathgar

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Get Energised - With PhysioNow, Team Ireland & Electric Ireland...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on April 16 2012 @ 12:53

London 2012: “Get Energised Challenge”

The London 2012 Olympics officially get underway in just over 100 days and Electric Ireland, the Team Ireland sponsor, has been marking the occasion with a special "Get Energised Day" at ESB SportsCo.

PhysioNow's chief physiotherapist, Colette O'Flynn joined London 2012 Olympians Peter O'Leary, David Burrows and Deirdre Ryan (pictured) at a special health and fitness training day in Ringsend.

The Electric Ireland “Get Energised Challenge” is a new initiative for people across Ireland to get “energised” through a series of simple tips from Team Ireland athletes to show how we can all put a little more energy back into our lives.

Amongst the crowd at Sportsco this weekend were the winners of a special Electric Ireland  competition, who got the chance to hear professional tips from physios, nutritionists, sports psychologists and fitness experts. 

Images  Cof Dr

VIDEO: London Olympians Deirdre Ryan, Peter O'Leary & David Burrows work out with PhysioNow's chief physiotherapist, Colette O'Flynn, at ESB Sportsco... 

Just for you - here's six of the best stretching exercises, as prepared by PhysioNow...

Stretching Exercises PhysioNow Colette O'Flynn

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PILATES... SPRING CLASSES... Full details...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on February 26 2012 @ 12:57


Starting this Monday, February 27, PhysioNow is hosting a new series of public pilates classes...

* Monday mornings... Samadhi Centre, Rathgar

10am - beginners

11am - intermediates

* Monday evenings... Marianella, Orwell Road, Rathgar

6pm - beginners

6.45pm - intermediates

7.45pm - intermediates

* Monday evenings... Terenure Sports Club, Terenure Road North

7pm - beginners/improvers

* Tuesday lunchtimes... Sportsco, South Lotts Road, Dublin 4

12.20pm - beginners

1.05pm - intermediates

* Wednesday mornings... Samadhi Centre, Rathgar village

10.30am - intermediates

* Wednesday evenings... Sportsco, South Lotts Road, Dublin 4

6.30pm - intermediates

7.30pm - beginners

8.30pm - intermediates

* Thursday evenings... Samadhi Centre, Rathgar village

7.15pm - beginners/improvers

8.15pm - intermediates

* Friday mornings... The Gym, Orwell Road, Rathgar

10am - improvers/intermediates

Great value!  6-week courses generally €80

Discounts available if you wish to do two or three classes a week

Drop-ins (pay as you go) subject to availability 

Book NOW on... 086 834 2525 or info@physionow.ie

Kellie O'Flynn Pilates

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Stay SLIM - With SCIENCE! The FULL list...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on January 16 2012 @ 01:36

BECAUSE you asked for it...

There's been a huge response to our "Stay Slim With Science" report, which lays out in an easy-to-follow form, the very latest research on losing weight - and keeping it off.

So here they are, some simple, effective rules which should work for everybody, all the time - the best, most modern recommendations for getting in shape, and staying that way...

1:  Don't skip meals
Scientists studying the effects of hunger on the brain have found that subjects who miss meals suffer cravings for high calorie, high fat food.  Hunger, it seems, encourages the brain to guide us towards calorie laden food - that's why you scoff pastries mid-morning...

2:  Eat a good breakfast
Eating a protein rich breakfast - eggs and fish in particular - keeps you satisfied for longer, because it triggers the release of chemicals that tell the brain you are full.

3:  Eat off smaller plates
It sounds ridiculous, but it works.  Using smaller plates automatically encourages us all to eat smaller portions.  And, no matter what mammy told you, you don't have to clear your plate!

4:  Don't cheat on the calories
If you're going to count calories, do it properly.  Keep a food diary, and record EVERYTHING you eat, including every snack and calorie laden sauce. You'll be surprised at how much you snack, and you can start to weed out the sneaky calories. People generally under-report their intake by 40 to 60%. 

5:  Eat more soup
Soup fills you up for longer.  In a recent BBC study, two groups of soldiers were served the same lunch - chicken, rice and vegetables with a glass of water.  One group, however, ate the solid food, while the other soldiers had their food liquidised and served as a soup. Ultrasound scans showed the soup stayed in the stomach longer, and kept the souped-up soldiers feeling full. 

6:  Minimise choice
Our bodies are hardwired by evolution to seek out variety in food.  It's in our nature to want lots of different things.  So keep away from the buffet - where you're likely to eat as much as 30% more.  And only buy what you need.  Studies show that when people are offered two bowls of free sweets - one bowl all purple, the other multi-coloured - that they tend strongly to pick the multi-coloured sweets, and eat much more of them.

7:  Enjoy low fat dairy products
Eating low-fat dairy products helps the body to excrete more fat.  Dairy calcium binds with fat in the small intestine and then passes through without being absorbed and stored as fat. Skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, cottage cheese and fromage frais all help to carry fat away from the gut.

8:  Feel The Burn
Exercise.  The calorie 'burn' from exercise doesn't stop when you get off the treadmill, the pitch or the bike - it carries on well into the next day.  In fact, you'll burn more calories in the hours after you exercise than you will during the exercise itself.  That's because the human body accesses carbohydrates easily during exercise, but has to use stored body fat to run itself in the following hours.  

9:  Move!
Run, walk, dance - just move your body, in any way you can.  Even little bursts of exercise - taking the stairs, getting off the bus a stop early, walking around as you use the phone - it all adds up.  Building small amounts of 'activity' into daily routine increases heart rate and calorie expenditure. 

By Colette O'Flynn, chief physiotherapist, PhysioNow

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FREE "taster" class in The Gym Rathgar...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on December 04 2011 @ 15:23

Interested in pilates?  Want to try a class - with no cost or obligation?

To celebrate the new collaboration between PhysioNow, Rathgar and The Gym, Rathgar, we're hosting a FREE class next Saturday morning in the Orwell Road gymnasium.

The class, at 11.30am, will be taught by PhysioNow's chief physiotherapist Colette O'Flynn, as seen on RTE TV.

To book your place, contact us at info@physionow.ie


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PhysioNow & Pilates By Retha...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on November 27 2011 @ 23:37

A warm welcome to all our new clients... joining us from "Pilates By Retha".  

PhysioNow and Pilates By Retha have amalgamated to offer you, the public, a much wider range of pilates, fitness & body conditioning classes across Dublin's southside.  There are classes in Rathgar, Terenure and Ringsend, catering to beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners. Choose from morning, evening or lunchtime classes.  There are also classes for expectant mothers and new mums.  One-to-one sessions also available.

For details of December & January classes, check out... www.physionow.ie/classes

To book, phone 086 834 2525 or email info@physionow.ie

PhysioNow is a network of physiotherapy clinics serving Dublin 4 and Dublin 6.

Pilates By Retha Page

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December pilates workshops in Dublin 4...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on November 22 2011 @ 00:51

Bookings are now being taken for Christmas and New Year pilates classes at ESB SportsCo, Dublin 4.

The snazzy Ringsend centre will host a pre-Christmas series of body-conditioning workshops, aimed at getting you in shape for the party season.

Special workshops will be held on Wednesday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 14.  Cost is just 15 euro per class.  

To book, just contact SportsCo reception at 6687022 Ext. 0.

All classes will be designed and conducted by physiotherapist Colette O'Flynn.

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New Rathgar pilates classes...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on November 17 2011 @ 22:32

New Dublin 6 classes...

PhysioNow is poised to announce a major extension of our Dublin 6 pilates classes.

There will be new morning and evening classes to suit YOU, the public, at a range of new venues, complementing our existing classes in Marianella, Orwell Road, and at our Rathgar Road clinic. More details soon.

Contact us... info@physionow.ie 

Colette O'Flynn Pilates Rathgar Dublin 6 Dublin 4

Colette O'Flynn Pilates Rathgar Dublin 6 4

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PhysioNow welcomes public to Dublin 4 clinic...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on October 25 2011 @ 23:35

Check out our Dublin 4 clinic...

PhysioNow has launched a major advertising campaign to welcome YOU, the public, to our clinic in Dublin 4.

ESB Sportsco - the clinic, the gym, the pool and all pilates classes - is open to the wider public, offering superb facilities, knowledgeable staff and great deals.

Contact us... info@physionow.ie

PhysioNow Dublin 4 clinic

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