• Would you like to save your company money?

• Would you like to cut down on absenteeism?

• Would you like a happier workforce?

 You would? Then read on…

ABSENTEEISM and sickness costs small business in Ireland €692 million per annum. Workers take nine days off, on average, each year - mostly for minor sicknesses, musculoskeletal illnesses and back pain.

The Small Firms Association says that stress and back pain are the two main causes of absenteeism from work in Ireland.  A Mercer HR Consulting survey reports that one in five organisations suffers absence levels of over 6pc per annum.  One in four companies estimate the cost of that absence to be in excess of half a million euro a year – and that’s a price you cannot afford, especially in these difficult economic times.

PhysioNow runs a network of physiotherapy clinics across Dublin, where a high percentage of the clients we see complain of either back or neck pain.  In fact, up to 90% of the population suffer from back pain at some stage in their lives.  The most common cause of these aches and pains is usually found by examining what we do everyday, and especially what we do at work - how we sit, stand, move and lift things.  And that’s where PhysioNow comes in - because we can help fix those problems, often before they start!

PhysioNow provides physiotherapy services, fitness classes, ergonomic assessment, backcare advice, postural care and stress management to leading Irish companies, leisure centres and sports clubs. 

Our premier clients include…

•         ESB

•         RTE

•         Irish Life

•         Fitzwilliam LTC

This is what PhysioNow offers your company…

Physiotherapy – Our senior physiotherapists have worked in major hospitals and with world-ranked athletes, and offer a full range of sports injury and rehabilitation treatments, including electrotherapy, orthotic care and massage therapy.  We have local clinics in Dublin 4, Dublin 6 and Dublin 9 and also provide on-site appointments, where suitable premises are available.

Acupuncture –  Our senior acupuncturist is licensed by the British College of Acupunture.  Acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including back and neck pain, and in the mangement of stress. 

Pilates – Our corporate clients include ESB Head Office, ESB SportsCo, ESB International, Irish Life, Fitzwilliam LTC and the RTE Sports & Social Club. Our highly-qualified instructors provide on-site work-friendly lunchtime body conditioning pilates classes, one-to-one sessions, plus a full range of evening classes. Special attention is given to those with back pain or injuries.

Corporate Wellness – We offer a range of presentations and lectures to suit corporate clients and staff, on subjects including nutrition, back care, posture, workplace ergonomics and stress management.  These have been well received in recent years by ESB, RTE and Irish Life.

Workstation Assessment -  Our physiotherapists can visit your office, assess workplace ergomonics - the position of desks, chairs, computer stations - and advise on best practice for postural care.  We explain how simple alterations can help prevent back, neck and RSI problems - and help save company money!

Back To Work Programmes – We design exercise programmes to assist staff back to work after injury or back problems, and advice to prevent a recurrence of injuries.  These can be tailored to group or individual situations.

Fitness Classes – We also provide a range of fitness classes, general or tailored to specialist needs – including ski-fit, and training for golf, tennis and badminton players.   All pilates and fitness classes can be offered to companies on-site, if suitably-sized rooms are provided.  Alternatively, staff may join any of our external classes, which run in multiple locations across Dublin.