Good Posture

Colette O'Flynn Pilates



Remind yourself constantly to watch your posture - whether standing, sitting or moving.

By achieving good alignment, you can avoid over-stressing joints or using the wrong muscles, which in turn over-stress joints.

Create a mental picture of how you should be standing as you check the following parts of your body – top to toe…

➢ Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and parallel

➢ The top of your head is reaching up towards the ceiling

➢ Your neck is long and relaxed

➢ Your shoulders are down and back

➢ Lengthen up through your spine

➢ Let your arms fall naturally loose and relaxed

➢ Check your neutral position of the spine - not tilted forwards or backwards

➢ Zip up and hollow

➢ Don’t lock your knees – if you bend them they should bend directly over the centre of your feet

➢ Keep the weight evenly on both feet – don’t sink back into your heels or lean forwards

Practice this position for a few minutes daily - it gets easier with practice.